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The Band

Stockholm based Supralunar offers groovy, steamy hard rock with large doses of '70s glam completely free from feathers and sequins. Supralunar is rock n roll as it was meant to be and not synonymous with umbrella drinks and neon colored spandex, as in the ‘80s. They create songs that are a mishmash of hard rock, catchy melodies and glam - just as the rock gods had imagined it. A little dirty, toungue in cheek with a touch of seriousness and above all full steam rock n roll.

It's contemporary but with one foot in the seventies. It's highly energetic and versatile hard rock with lots of harmonies. It's what you might get if you put Foo Fighters in a time capsule dressed up as The Sweet. It's Sweden's best kept secret. IT'S SUPRALUNAR


Petri Tuulik
Vocals & Guitar

Georgios Vamvatsicos
Bass & harmony vocals

Johann Enoksson
Drums & harmony vocals

The Story

May 27th 2009. Petri Tuulik is making his way through the crowd after seeing the first reunion show of Electric Boys. A quick tap on the shoulder: "are you Petri from Supralunar?"

The guy who tapped introduces himself as Jojje and says that he saw Supralunar play live a few years ago.

Supralunar was active and up and coming in Stockholm between the years 2000-2004 but fell into oblivion when the bassplayer and drummer at the time decided to call it quits.

It turns out that Petri and Jojje are virtually neighbours, have grown up listening to the same hardrock-LPs and that both are itching to play rocknroll again.

Furthermore, Jojje is an accomplished bassplayer as well as an outstanding vocalist and regards Supralunar as his “dreamband” of sorts. After a few months they start auditioning drummers and through an ad online they find drum virtuoso Johann Enoksson.

Supralunar MK I had a deal with one of the major publishing companies that never materialized, though several record labels showed interest.

In late 2010 the new Supralunar decided to enter the studio. The plan was to hire a state-of-the-art facility to record drums and then continue recording in Petri’s home studio.

The band chose Kingside studios which has seen bands like Europe, Crashdiet, Westlife amongst others. They could only afford one day of recording and therefore focused on getting a couple good takes to put together a serious-sounding demo.

The band performed together, without clicktrack, live in the studio and Johann managed to nail 14 songs in one single session. Amazingly, there was even some time left but the guys hadn’t rehearsed any more songs at that point. They still recall the excitement driving home from the studio:

We went there without knowing what to expect and came out with enough takes for an entire album.

All the overdubs were made in Petri’s project studio and the plan was to finish the album within six months since Petri’s first child was due in March. The mixes where finished just days before his son was born.

The band released an EP ahead of the imminent full length album and returned to Kingside to record tracks for “Unzip To Rock!:ep” which was released through CdBaby in may 2012.

The EP actually sounded better than the tracks for the album so Petri decided to remix the whole thing. During this time, Petri’s second child arrived, hence the long wait for Supralunar’s masterpiece debut.

During all this time Supralunar have played most of the clubs in Stockholm perfecting their liveact which, just as their material is varied, energetic and entertaining.

In december 2013 Supralunar found Swedish label “Dead End Exit Records” and a month later the contract was signed. Their full-length debut “A New Hope” is now scheduled for release in November 2014.


  • Albums:

  • Unzip To Rock!:ep

    Released 2012 through CdBaby
    • 1. Black Sunday
    • 2. Born On The Sun
    • 3. Automaton
    • 4. Be You
    • 5. Goodnight
  • A New Hope

    Released 2014 through Dead End Exit Records
    • 1. People Like Us
    • 2. Nine Candles
    • 3. Once We Were Kings
    • 4. La Diabla
    • 5. Theatrical
    • 6. She Wanted All
    • 7. Alternate Sun
    • 8. She Won’t Let Me Down
    • 9. End Of Story
    • 10. I’ll Cover You
    • 11. Right vs Wrong
    • 12. Supralunar
  • Singles:

  • People Like Us

  • Nine Candles

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Supralunar redefines the term "power-trio" and turns it into a swinging rock and roll riot guaranteed to blow your socks off!

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